Michael Jackson Impersonator

Miguel Concha is without a doubt one of the finest Michael Jackson impersonators of our time. Physical education teacher by profession, a passionate dancer and singer by nature, Miguel’s beginnings in the show business date all the way back  to when he was  5 years old and began to imitate the King of Pop.

Miguel’s close resemblance to Michael Jackson in appearance as well as in his perfected dancing, singing, special tailored costumes, and stage presence has influenced Sony Music to recognize him as the official artist impersonator, allowed him to win numerous contests, and participate in a variety of live TV appearances and newspaper features around the world. The Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed him to be the best MJ impersonator in all of his native South America.

The highest level of stage production and delivery along with the greatest attention to detail have been witnessed by countless fans and audience members the world over, from the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, and Italy to Chile, Argentina, Brazil and many more with an audience of more than 30 thousand being the single largest he has performed for (Gijón, Spain).  Miguel has made a significant mark in the South East Europe and Mediterranean region in the past few years with numerous performances in Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia. In ‘Monument to Michael Jackson’, a Serbian feature film from 2014, he took on the title role of portraying Jackson himself. In 2018 touring whit the famous musicians from Croatia 2Cellos tour “Score”.  At the moment on tour all around Europe.

Miguel’s electrifying performances are undeniably an example of dedication, perseverance, and versatility as well as a result of admiration and the greatest respect for his idol, Michael Jackson.