martina jozwiak

Soul singer from Ancona, born in 1985. For almost 20 years she has been on national and international stages, theaters and festivals with various Soul-Pop formations, as a soloist and chorister.
Graduated in languages ​​and Black singing at the Fonderia delle Arti in Rome where she studied with internationally renowned artists. She studied vocal balance and opera singing with the teachers Marianna Brilla and Lisa Paglin at the “New Voice studio in Osimo” (An) and in 2022 she graduated in pop singing at the Pescara Conservatory with a vote of 110/110 with honors.
He has been teaching modern singing and music since 2008 in various schools in Ancona and Pescara.

In 2019 she graduated from the C.E.T of MOGOL, composers course. In 2022 she graduated from the C.E.T of MOGOL authors course.
Since 2017 she has been an Endorser Bespeco Professional, an international company that produces and distributes accessories for musical instruments.